Life is the great moment of all of us.  (Michel Quoist)

The peaceful living together of people and nations requires a minimum consensus on ethical values.
To attain universal validity, these ethics need to be incorporated into the constitutions of all states and the United Nations:

"The inhabitants, government and state of ......... adhere to the following

Universal Ethics:

I   Principles:
    Each human being is endowed with personal dignity.
    His liberty finds its limits where the dignity of the other begins.
    State, religious, economic and other office holders are in his service.

 II   Commandments:
     1) Respect the other as yourself.
     2) Do not lie.
     3) Do not steal.
     4) Respect life.
     5) Protect nature.

III   Enforcement:
     The violation of these principles and commandments is subject to social scorn and
     punishment under equal rules and law for everybody."


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