Basic Statements

  1. The term "family" must be restricted socially, legally and fiscally to communities of life with children.

  2. Each child has the right to have parents . No child must be separated from any parent.(see Fathers in Exile).

  3. Each child is endowed with personal dignity and the right to physical, psychological, intelectual and social devellopment.

  4. Each child has the right to be educated in the spirit of tolerance. No child must be educated religiously, ideologically, ethnically or socially in a way that put at risk it' s own and others human dignity or the peaceful coexistence of people and nations.

  5. Each child has the unrestrictable right to enjoy the Human Right' s and the Rights of the Child layed down in the Conventions of the United Nations. These rights have to be established also in the common law of each state.(see Human Rights and Common Law).

  6. In case of legal proceedings each child must be represented by a child' s attorney, free of charge.



UN- Convention on Children's Rights

Children' s Song